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I need to order my medication early

We understand that there may be occasions when you need to order that little bit early and that's not a problem.

When you place an order we do look back on when you last had your medicines dispensed so you may be asked to tell us why you need to order early. The reason that you provide will be sent along with your request to the GP so that they can understand why they are being asked to approve your order early. This will reduce the chance of the GP rejecting your early order


  1. Log into your Pharmacy2U account here.
  2. Once logged in click on "Order medication" and then select the items you need.
  3. Click  "Add this to order" to add the medication.
  4. Once all required medications are selected, click the green "Order this item" button. 
  5. Tell us the date you need the medication by.
  6. Tell us why you are ordering early 
  7. Check all order details are correct including address. If this looks correct, click the "Place order" button.

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