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How do I place my first order?

You will need to register an account before you can place yours first order. Click here to find out how.


Have you  set up your repeat medication list , if not or unsure click here to find out how.

  1. Log into your Pharmacy2U account here.
  2. Once logged in click on "Order medication" and then select the items you need.
  3. Click  "Add this to order" to add the medication.
  4. Once all required medications are selected, click the green "Order this item" button. 
  5. Check all order details are correct including address. If this looks correct, click the "Place order" button.

To remove a selected item, click ''Remove this from order''.

Don't need your medication just yet? Don't worry, order now and we will hold onto your request and send it to your GP 10 days before the date you need it by.


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