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Is the same day dispatch service open to everyone?

The same day dispatch is only available for one-off prescriptions that meet the following criteria:

  1. A patient is already registered with Pharmacy2U
  2. A one-off prescription must be received by us from your GP by 12 noon Monday to Friday
  3. All medication within a one-off prescription is on our inclusion list.
  4. If you pay for your prescriptions, payment details must be correct on our system by 12 noon on the day of dispatch.

If a one-off prescription and a routine repeat prescription are both received within 15 minutes of each other, they will be dispensed together and the same-day dispatch cannot be guaranteed.

This service is unsuitable for urgent prescriptions. If you need medication on the same day it's prescribed, please contact your GP, visit your local pharmacy, or call NHS 111. You can contact us if a prescription has already been sent to us by your GP.

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