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E45 moisturising cream for eczema skin treatment

What is E45?

E45 cream is an emollient (moisturising) cream, prescribed for the treatment of dry skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis, psoriasis, flaking, or chapped skin. It contains 1% anhydrous lanolin, 14.5% white soft paraffin, and 12.6% light liquid paraffin, all of which have moisturising properties.

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Is E45 suitable for me?

E45 cream should be used with caution or not at all in certain circumstances – it shouldn’t be used by patients with allergies to any of the ingredients, for example.

During your consultation, it is vital you inform the online doctor of any other medicines that you are using, including other creams or eczema treatments – it doesn’t matter if they have been prescribed or are bought over the counter.

A different treatment might be better suited to your condition if E45 cream isn't working, so tell the doctor.

Your doctor will need a full picture of your general health in order to assess the suitability of E45 cream for your needs.

What are the side effects of E45?

As with all licensed medicinal products, there is the possibility that E45 may cause side effects. However, not everybody experiences them.

Side effects are regarded as uncommon, but are usually related to an allergy to an ingredient, leading to a skin rash. Stop using E45 and talk to your doctor if you notice any rashes.

The patient information leaflet contains all the relevant details, and can also be viewed online here.

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