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Cerazette (desogestrel)

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What is Cerazette (desogestrel)?

Cerazette is a method of contraception used to prevent pregnancy. It is a progestogen-only-pill (POP), or a mini-pill. Cerazette contains a small amount of a synthetic progestogen called desogestrel, which is similar to the natural progestogens produced by the body.

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How does Cerazette (desogestrel) work?

Cerazette works mainly by preventing the release of the egg from the ovary. It also works by increasing the thickness of the mucus at the neck of the womb so making it harder for sperm to get into the womb and fertilise an egg. Finally Cerazette affects the quality of the lining of the womb so making successful implantation of a fertilised egg less likely. As a result pregnancy is less likely. 

There are two main kinds of hormonal contraceptive pills.

The combined pill, "The Pill", contains twotypes of female sex hormone, oestrogen and progestogen, alternatively, the progestogen-only pill (POP) or mini-pill, doesn't contain any oestrogen.

Progestogen-only pills (POPs) are considered to have fewer side effects and health risks when compared to combined pills, but are also considered to be slightly less effective. They must also be taken every day, without a break (unlike some combined pills), and it's very important that they are taken at the same time each day.

Is Cerazette suitable for me?

Cerazette can be used by women who do not tolerate oestrogens and by women who are breast feeding.

A disadvantage is that vaginal bleeding may occur at irregular intervals during the use of Cerazette. On the other hand, you may not have any bleeding at all. Click right to start your no obligation Cerazette consultation now.

What are the side effects of Cerazette (desogestrel)?

Like all medicines, Cerazette can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them.

Tell your doctor if you notice any unwanted Cerazette side effects, especially if severe or persistent.

Vaginal bleeding may occur at irregular intervals while taking Cerazette. This may be just slight staining which may not even require a pad, or heavier bleeding, which looks rather like a scanty period. However, you may need to use tampons or sanitary towels. You may also not have any bleeding at all. Irregular bleeding is not a sign that Cerazette is not working. In general, you need not take any action; just continue to take Cerazette. If bleeding is heavy or prolonged you should consult your doctor.

Serious side effects can occur and should you experience any of the following you should contact your doctor immediately:

Signs of a blood clot: a migraine for the first time, a migraine that is worse than normal, or unusually frequent or severe headaches, and any sudden changes to your eyesight (such as loss of vision or blurred vision). You should also take action if you noitice any sudden changes to your hearing, speech, sense of smell, taste or touch, pain or swelling in your leg, stabbing pain when you breathe, coughing for no apparent reason, pain and tightness in the chest, sudden weakness or numbness in one side or part of your body, dizziness or fainting.

Signs of a severe allergic reaction or worsening of hereditary angioedema: swelling of the hands, face, lips, mouth, tongue or throat. A swollen tongue/throat may lead to difficulty swallowing and breathing, a red bumpy rash (hives) and itching.

Signs of breast cancer include: dimpling of the skin, changes in the nipple, any lumps you can see or feel.Signs of severe liver problems include: severe pain in your upper abdomen, yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), your whole body starts itching.

Signs of severe liver problems include: severe pain in your upper abdomen, yellow skin or eyes (jaundice), inflammation of the liver (hepatitis), your whole body starts itching.

Less serious side effects of Cerazette are mood changes, depressed mood, decreased sexual drive (libido), headache, nausea, acne, breast pain, irregular or no periods, weight increase, infection of the vagina, difficulties in wearing contact lenses, vomiting, hair loss, painful periods, ovarian cysts, and tiredness.

You should consult the full list of side effects for Cerazette. Read the advice about what to do if you miss a pill or are late in taking a pill, on the patient information leaflet provided with your treatment. Details of this can also be found here.