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Regaine Foam Extra Strength For Men Triple Pack

Size: 3x73ml

Product information
  • 3 Months Supply
  • Clinically Proven Hair Loss Treatment
  • Contains 5% w/w Minoxidil
  • Bulk Buy And Save
Description Regaine extra strength scalp foam is used to treat thinning hair and hereditary hair loss in men between the ages of 18 to 49 years and comes in a can so it is quick and easy to apply. Regaine foam is only suitable for men and not to be used by women. Regaine foam works best on men with hair loss or thinning hair at the top of the scalp. You will be unlikely to see any benefit from using Regaine extra strength foam if you are totally bald or have been bald for many years. Regaine Foam contains the active ingredient Minoxidil 5%

Regaine foam for men works by preventing further hair loss and helping hair to re grow. It contains Minoxidil which is thought to work by helping the blood flow to the hair follicles on your scalp.

Regaine foam can be applied to dry hair after swimming and can be used on dyed hair as long as the person who is applying the colouring massages it gently into your scalp to prevent breakage to the newly grown hair. Once you start to use Regaine foam your hair re growth will be very soft and fluffy at the beginning and may be hard to see.

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As an alternative, doctors can also prescribe medication that can assist with hair loss. Please visit our Online Doctor service to proceed with a hair loss consultation. Our UK registered GP will review your details and if appropriate can provide a prescription for the main treatments for hair loss including Propecia. Click Here

For men aged 18-49 years. For detailed directions for use see enclosed leaflet. This product should NOT be used by women.

The active ingredient in 1g of Regaine foam is Minoxidil 50mg.

Other ingredients are Ethanol Anhydrous, Purified Water, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (E321), Lactic Acid, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Glyerol, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Propane Butane, Isobutane, Nitrogen.

Do not exceed 2g in one day and do not use more than twice a day (your hair will not re-grow any more quickly and you may risk side effects ). Wash hands after use. Do not use if you: Are a woman, suffer from a problem with blood pressure, don't know why you're losing your hair - see your doctor, have sudden or patchy hair loss, have other conditions associated with your hair loss, have red, inflamed, irritated, infected or painful scalp, or shaven head, have dressing or bandage on your scalp, are using medications on your scalp, are under 18 or over 49 years of age. Seek advice from your doctor if you have heart disease (including abnormal heart rhythms or rates, angina or chest pains) and/ or circulation disorders before using this product. Avoid contact with eyes. Pressurised container. Protect from sunlight and do not expose to temperatures above 50 degrees. Do not pierce or burn, even after use. Do not spray on a naked flame or any incandescent material. Keep away from sources of ignition - No smoking. Do not use near, or place container on, polished or painted surfaces. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store below 25 degrees.

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